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406 VELENOVSKI, Josef: Ceske Houby. Díl I [-IV/V]. Praze: Nakladem ceske botanicke spolecnosti 1920-1922
p (1-2), 3-200; 201-424; 425-632; 633-950: 179 figs.
Volbracht 2173; Stafleu 15.993. - Nice copy of this scarce work, bound in half-leather; 22 cm
€ 55,00  In den Warenkorb

407 VESELY, Rudolf: Ceskoslovenske houby I. Lupenaté [II. Chrorosovité a dalsí stopkovytrusé vreckaté]. Praha: Vedecke vydavatelství [Vesmir] 1946-1951. p (1-6), 7-230, (231-233, cont.): figs; p (1-6), 7-148, (1-7, ind. impr.): figs
Volbracht 2188. - Scarce guide for the determination of fungi with many fine drawings. Internally good condition, original paper-bindng worn and repaired with tape; 20 cm
€ 60,00  In den Warenkorb
408 VOIGT, E. : Die wichtigsten Pilze. Leipzig: Hachmeister & Thal 1918
p (1-3), 4-29, (30-32, publ. cat.): 4 folded plates with col. illustrations
Volbracht 2202. - Scarce. Original decorated cover; 16,5 cm
€ 18,00  In den Warenkorb
409 VOLBRACHT, Christian: Mykolibri. Die Bibliothek der Pilzbücher. De-Luxe-Edition.
(i-xii), (13)-528: 450 col. figs and plates. Supplement with 22 original mostly hand-coloured plates from mycological works: Schaeffer, Flora Danica, Bulliard, Paulet, Sturm, Trog, Cooke, Boudier, Bresadola, Gramberg, Juillard-Hartmann, Rolland, Kallenbach etc.
Hamburg: 2006
Nr. 5 of 25 copies of the numbered and signed De-luxe-edition. With the special large-format-portfolio with 22 original plates from famous mycological works from four centuries. The copy is inscribed by the author for Joachim Schliemann. Original cloth with dust-wrappers and gilt titles. Portfolio slightly rubbed. Folio (31 and 42 cm)
€ 600,00  In den Warenkorb
410 VOLBRACHT, Christian: MykoLibri. Die Bibliothek der Pilzbücher. Hamburg: Authors edition 2006-2017
(i-xii), (13)-528: 450 col. figs and plates
(i-iv, (v-vi), 1-115 (116): 100 mostly col. figs and plates
Volume 1 and 2: In all 2700 entries with 3800 books and prints with bibliographical references and many short commentaries about rarity and special interest. Bibliography, general index. Bound in cloth with gilt title and vignette and pictorial dust-wrappers. 4o; 29,5 x 21 cm
€ 120,00  In den Warenkorb

411 VOLBRACHT, Christian: Die Trüffel - Fake & Facts. Wiesbaden: Tre Torri 2020
(i-iii, i-iv), 5-192: many plates and col. figs
Now publsihed! A fully revised edition of my Truffle-book from 2012, with many new chapters following recent reseach in Spain, France, Croatia, Italy and Germany, relating.

- How truffle growers use the latest research about truffle sex - and how they re-apply centuries-old cultural methods
- How Spain became the most important truffle country in the World - and that the Spaniards are now afraid of overproduction after record harvests and in view of the Corona-crisis
- How Italian truffle dogs arrived in Germany already in 1712
- How climate change will influences truffle cultivation in Germany - and how optimistic German truffle-growers are
- How Croatian white truffles are upgraded to "Alba" truffles in Italy
- How black Spanish truffles are sold as "Périgord" truffles in France
- How the manufacturers of "truffle" products mislead consumers with artificial flavors and how to look for better, natural flavors
- How criminals poison truffle dogs in Italy and how the French police hunts truffles-thieves at night

Pictorial hard-cover; 24 cm

€ 35,00  In den Warenkorb
412 VOLBRACHT, Christian: Zu schön, um nicht wahr zu sein. Rossini und die Trüffeln. Ein neues Kapitel zum Thema Die Trüffel - Fake & Facts. Hamburg: MykoLibri 2021
(i-iv), 1-11 (12-13): Frontispiz and 2 figs
A supplement to "The Truffle. Fake & Facts". How famous remarks by the composer Rossini on truffles were invented - and believed til today. If you order now a copy of Die Trüffel: Fake & Facts,. you will get a free copy of this paper. Original wrappers; 21 cm

€ 12,00  In den Warenkorb
413 VUILLEMIN, Paul: Développement des azygospores chez les entomophtorées.
Ex Comptes rendus Ass. franç. av. Sc. Paris, 1900.
p 670-683: 1 plate
Paper-cover; 21 cm
€ 8,00  In den Warenkorb

414 VUILLEMIN, Paul: Les Céphalidées, section physiologique de la famille des Mucorinées. Extrait du Bulletin mensuel des séances de la société des sciences de Nancy. Nancy: Imprimerie Berger Levrault 1902.
(1-3), 4-64: 4 plates
Stafleu 16.445. - Original wrappers; 25 cm
€ 18,00  In den Warenkorb

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