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370 VENTURI, Antonio: I miceti dell´agro Bresciano descritti ed illustrati con figure tratto dal vero. Brescia: dalla Tipografia Gilberti 1845 (-1860)
p (1)-48: 64 hand-coloured lithographedd plates
Volbracht 2182; Stafleu 16.013; Krieger p. 232; Nissen 2052; Uellner 1817 (incomplete); Lazzari 222-223. - An extremely rare work, nearly "unfindable", the first copy we can offer. Stafleu didn't see this edition with the titlepage dated 1845, only a later title from 1860. Antonio Venturi (1806-1864) was born to a welathy family in Lombardia. Due to an accident during his childhood, he sufferd from a serious injury to his spine and devoted his interest to mycology and music. For Lazzari, he was one of very few authentic mycologists in Italy in the first half of the 19th century. He studies larger fungi as well as microfungi. In this main work with beautiful large format plates, he presents 119 species, proposing for many Boletales new names (Boletus citrinus, Bol. lepiota ...) which later were only accepted as synonyms. The handcoloured plates are affected by a light waterstain in upper outer margins and a few spotting - about ten plares are a bit more affected. Bound in contemporary half-leather with raised bands and gilt title, rubbed. Large Folio 43 x 29 cm
€ 4.200,00  In den Warenkorb

371 VISCHER, Wilhelm: Über Anthurus aseroïformis (Ed. Fischer) Mac Alpine und seine Beziehungen zu anderen Gattungen der Phalloideae. Aus Arch. J. Klaus-Stiftung. Erg. zu Band 20, 1945.
p 555-565
Original wrappers; 22 cm
€ 18,00  In den Warenkorb
372 VITTENET, H. : Champignons innocents. Moyen des les reconnaître aisément. Préface de M. Martin-Claude. Ouvrage orné de 149 figures et 2 planches en couleurs hors-texte. Deuxième édition. Paris: Librairie agricole de la "Maison rustique" 1934. p (1-5), 6-122, (123, table), (124-127, publ. advert.): 2 col. plates, 160 figs
Volbracht 2198. - Scarce. Original decorated paper-cover; 19 cm
€ 14,00  In den Warenkorb
373 VOLBRACHT, Christian: Rossinis Makkaroni und die Spritze. In La Gazetta, Zeitschrift der Deutschen Rossini Gesellschaft 2021. Leipzig: Universitätsverlag 1922
2-18: figs
I continue my research about the legends on truffles. Did the composer und gourmand Rossini really filled his Makkaroni with truffle-sauce, using an enema syringe, which was sold at auction in Paris after his death in 1868? Read more about this curious story in this paper, published by the German Rossini-society! Original paperback; 21 cm
€ 15,00  In den Warenkorb

374 VOLBRACHT, Christian: Trüffeln - Mythos und Wirklichkeit. Wiesbaden: Tre Torri 2012
(i-iv), 5-182: col. figs
Out of print, only a few copies available (Normal and special edition).The book describes the scientific, cultural and gastronomic history of truffles, examines the myths of the "children of the gods" and explains their current crisis: a hommage to the truffles and a critical appraisal. Original pictorial hardcover; 21 cm
€ 45,00  In den Warenkorb
375 VOLBRACHT, Christian: MykoLibri. Die Bibliothek der Pilzbücher. Hamburg: Authors edition 2006-2017
(i-xii), (13)-528: 450 col. figs and plates
(i-iv, (v-vi), 1-115 (116): 100 mostly col. figs and plates
Volume 1 and 2: In all 2700 entries with 3800 books and prints with bibliographical references and many short commentaries about rarity and special interest. Bibliography, general index. Bound in cloth with gilt title and vignette and pictorial dust-wrappers. 4o; 29,5 x 21 cm
€ 90,00  In den Warenkorb
376 VOSS, Wilhelm: Ioannes Antonius Scopoli. Lebensbild eines österreichischen Naturforschers und dessen Kenntnisse über die Pilze Krains. From: Verh. zool.-bot. Ges. Wien 31, 1882
p 17-66
Volbracht B 102. - Interesting study. Wrappers. 22 cm
€ 25,00  In den Warenkorb

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