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31 BITTMANN, Otto: Aus der forstlichen Pilzwelt. Darstellung der forstlich wichtigsten und verhältnismäßig verbreitetsten Pilzarten. Wien und Leipzig: Verlag Wilhelm Frick 1928. 12mo
p (1)-51, (52)
Volbracht 165 a; Uellner 113. - Scarce booklet on fungi in forests. 15 cm
€ 26,00  In den Warenkorb
32 BLANCHON, H.-L. Alph. : Culture des champignons et de la truffe. Paris: Librairie médicale et scientifique Jules Rousset 1906
p (i, iii), (1)-163
Volbracht 171; Krieger p 21. - Very rare. Nice copy in private cloth; 19 cm
€ 140,00  In den Warenkorb
33 BLOCH-LAFON, G., C. FAUVEL, R. HEIM: Cours pratique de mycologie, publié par la Revue de mycologie. Premier - septième fascicule. Paris: 1937-1939
p (1)-88: 30 figs
Complete series of this instruction. The publication ended with the second world war. The fully completed first chapter deals with the mycelium and the fruiting body. Original wrappers; 23 cm
€ 26,00  In den Warenkorb

34 BOCCONE, Paolo Sylvio: Museo di fisica e di esperienze variato, e decorate di osservazioni naturali, note medicinali, e ragionamenti secondo i principii de'moderni. di Don Paolo Boccone ... ed al presente Don Silvio Boccone. ... Con una dissertazione dell'origine, e della prima impressione delle produzzioni marine, come fucus, coralline, zoophite, sponghie, ed anche, intorno l'origine dè funghi, con figure in rame. Venetia: Per Io: Baptistam Zuccaro 1697
p (i-viii), 1-319: 19 plates
Volbracht 182; Nissen 180; BM (NH) 181; Burdet 301; Lazzari p. 80 ff; Traverso 212; Dörfelt & Heklau p 62 f. - Important observations on fungi at the end of the 17th century. According to Lazzari, Boccone described 44 species of fungi, many new like Polyporus tuberaster, Marasmius androseacus, Peziza cerea, Cortinarius violasceus, Lycoperdon perlatum, Hydnum erinaceum and others. 9 of the 19 plates plates depict fungi. - Paolo Boccone (1633-1704) was a priest, professor of botany at Padua and the botanist of the grand-duke of Tuscany. He collected plants and fungi in Italy, Siciliy, Corsica and Malta and travelled in Western Europe, becoming a Member of the Royal Society of England. This is a nice copy, with only very few spotting and an ink-spot on title, covering an old stamp. With the name of the botanist Ad. Jussieu on title. Bound in modern boards. 24 cm
€ 3.100,00  In den Warenkorb
35 BOLLMANN, Achim: Pilze 1986 - Pilze 2001. Herausgeber Antonie Müller Nürtingen 1985-2000. Folio
Each calendar with 13 col. plates and text
With good photos. The years 1986-1996 in a private folder, the years 1997-2001 as issued. 35 x 24 cm
€ 10,00  In den Warenkorb

36 BOLTON, James: An history of fungusses, growing about Halifax. With [one hundred and eighty-two] copper-plates ... copied with great care from the plants, when newly gathered and in a state of perfection. With a particular description of each species, in all its stages, from the first appearance to the utter decay of the plant; with tkhe time when they were gathered; the soil and situation in which they grew; their duration; and the particular places mentioned, where alle the new or rare species were found. The whole being a plain recital of facts, the result of more than twenty years observation. In three volumes [and] an appendix or supplement ... by which the work is completed in four volumes. Huddersfield: Printed by J. Brook for the author 1788-1791. 3 vols and Appendix in 2. 182 mostly hand-coloured plates, 1 etched title, etched head-piece in volume 1.
1: (i-v), vi-xvi, plates and description (1)-44, (1-2, index)
2: (xvii-xix), xx-xxv, plates and description (45)-73, (1-2), xxv (no repeated)-xxxii, 74-(92), (1)
3: (xxv-xxvii), xxviii-xxxii, plates and description (93)-138, (1-4)
App.: (i), xxxiii -xlii, plates and description139-182, (1-12)

Volbracht 196; Stafleu 623; Nissen 195; Belder 36. - This very rare and work is the first English book devoted only to fungi. With Sowerby's "Coloured figures of english fungi or mushrooms" it is one of the two major works of early British mycology. James Bolton (ca 1758-1799) was a self-taught naturalist and artist, acting in the weaving-trade. He lived near Halifax in Yorkshire, where he studied and painted ferns, birds and plants. He is most famous for this work with its finely, mostly coloured 182 plates, describing 231 species, many of them new to science. The work is dedicated to the Earl of Gainsborough who gave funds to finance the project. A good copy, but somewhat slighty browned and spotted, a bit stronger in second volume. 5 plates in volume 1 are uncoloured, plate 5 has a small dark spot. Bound in beautiful contemporary half-leather, richely decorated gilt title on spine, edges gilt. 28 x 22,5 cm
€ 5.300,00  In den Warenkorb
37 BOLTON, James: Jacob Boltons Geschichte der merckwürdigsten Pilze. Aus dem Englischen mit Anmerkungen versehen von Carl Ludwig Willdenow. Iter Theil (-IV.: Fortgesetzt und mit einer Einleitung und einer erklärenden Übersicht sämmtlicher Tafeln versehen von Ch. G. und Th. Fr. Ludw. Nees von Esenbeck). Berlin: In der Buchhandlung des Geh. Commercien Raths Pauly & Bey G. Reimer 1795-1820. 8o
p (i-iii), iv-xii; (3)-68; (i-iii), iv-xvi, (1)-72; (i-iii), iv-xiv, (1)-80; (i, iii), (i)-clxxx, (1)-80, (1-39, ind., corr.): 2 etched titels by Willdenow and Halle (1 coloured)
Volbracht 196; Stafleu 624; Uellner 151. - Original text of the German edition of this classic in mycology, with the nice etched titlepages but without plates. C. L. Willdenow and the mycologists Ch. G. and Th. Fr. Ludw. Nees von Esenbeck added elusive commentaries to the translation. Partly unopened, bound in half-leather. 24 cm
€ 380,00  In den Warenkorb
38 BOMMER, Elisa Caroline & Mariette ROUSSEAU : Florule mycologique des environs de Bruxelles/ Contributions à la flore mycologique de Belgique 1-2
Gand: Annod-Braeckman 1885-1891
(1-3), 4-353 (1); (187)-241; (205)-302
Volbracht 198-199; Stafleu 628; Lindau & Sydow 3312, 3313. -Scarce work by the two early female mycologists. The contributions not listed in Stafleu. Inscribed by both authors. Cloth, with gilt label on spine. 23 cm
€ 110,00  In den Warenkorb

39 BON, Marcel: Hygrophoraceae. Übersetzt und bearbeitet von A. Einhelliger. Eching: IHW-Verlag 1992
p (i-ii), 1-91. 6 col. plates, figs.
(Die Großpilzflora von Europa 1)
Good copy, old stamp on title. Original paperback; 22 cm
€ 30,00  In den Warenkorb
40 BON, Marcel: Les Hygrophores. Lille: Documents mycologiques, Mémoire hors série 1, 1990
p (i-ii), (1)-99: 6 col. plates
(Flore mycologique d'Europe 1)
Original cover; 22,5 x 16 cm
€ 30,00  In den Warenkorb

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