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401 SMITH, A.H.& H.V. SMITH: Some common mushrooms of Michigan's parks and recreation areas. [Michigan botanical club 1963]
(1)-80: figs
(Michigan botanical club. Special publication No 1)
Scarce. Paper covers. 17,7 x 12,7 cm
€ 16,00  In den Warenkorb
402 SMITH, Alexander Hanchett & Nancy SMITH WEBER: The mushroom hunters field guide. Revised and enlarged. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press 1980
p (i-viii), (1)-316: col. plates, figs.
Uellner 1685 (ed. 1963) - Nice copy in original hardcover; 27,5 cm
€ 14,00  In den Warenkorb

403 SMITH, Worthington George : Mushrooms and toadstools: how to distinguish easily the differences between edible and poisonous fungi. With two large-scale sheets containing figures of twenty-nine edible and thirty-one poisonous species, drawn the natural size and coloured from living specimen. London: Robert Hardwicke 1867
p (i-v), vi-x, (11)-64: 2 large folded hand-coloured plates
Stafleu 12.309; Brenna 855. -Very rare guide with beautiful plates and an amazing text. Worthington G. Smith (1835-1917) was an English mycologist and fertile book illustrator) He was trained as a architect, but became a skilled wood engaver and was for a period of 40 years the chief illustrator of the Gardener's Chronicle. His interest for fungi was stimulated when he initially poisened himself and his family with Entoloma lividum. This guide is his first independent publication - two large folding sheets of coloured illustrations of edible and poisonous fungi, segmented and mounted on canvas. The explanatory booklet contains some marvellous first hand accounts of self-poisoning with different species of fungi.

"About a quarter of an hour ago after luncheon I was immediately overtaken by a strange, nervous, gloomy, low-spirit feeling, quite new to me. Soon a severe headache added its charm to my feelings, and then swimming of the brain commenced, with violent pains in the stomach. I had now great difficulty to keep upon my legs at all; my senses appeared leaving me, and every object appeared to be moving with death-like stillness from side to side, up and down, and round and round. More dead than alive, I soon returned home, and was horrified to find two others (whom I had invited to partake of my repast) in exactly the same condition as myself. At this moment, and not before, I thought of Agarius fertilis. ..."

To my knowledge this is the second field-guide of fungi with folded coloured charts. [The first is: Hocquart & Perrot: Tableau comparatif des champignons comestibles et vénéneux qui se rencontrent le plus frequemment dans les bois. Paris: Langlois et Leclerc & Basset 1840]. The illustrations with bright colours. Text in original decorated paper-cover (loose, with a nice toadstool-vignette by the author). Booklet and plates in original green slipcase 19,5 x 14,5 cm. The unfolded plates measuring 75 x 52,5 cm
€ 460,00  In den Warenkorb
404 SMOTLACHA, Frantisek: Prehled Hub. Vydani II. Praha: Priloha casopisu ceskoslovenskych houbaru (Mykologicky sbornik) 1936
p (i-iv), (1)-160: 134 figs, 1 folded chart; 8vo
Original paper-cover; 23 cm
€ 25,00  In den Warenkorb
405 SOCIETAT CATALANA DE MICOLOGIA: Fichas tecnicas I-V serie. Barcelona 1983-1987
Nos 1-163: figs
Five volumes with 163 descriptions of fungi with macroscopical and microscopical details. With references to Bolets de Catalunya. 22 cm
€ 180,00  In den Warenkorb
406 SOUSA da CAMARA, Emmanuele de: Catalogus systematicus Fungorum omnium Lusitaniae. Vol I. Basidiomycetes. Part I. Hymeniales. Part II. Gasterales, Phalloidales, Tremelloidales, Uredinales et Ustilaginales. [- Vol II Fungi imperfecti. Pars I. Sphaeropsidales]. Lisboa 1956-1966
(1-8), 9-347: portrait; (1-4), 5-281; (1-8), 9-378
More than 2200 species listed, with many bibliographical references. Original paperback; 24,5 cm
€ 110,00  In den Warenkorb
407 STAMETS, Paul: MycoMedicinals. An information treatise on mushrooms. Assisted by C. Dusty Wu Yao. 3rd edition. Olympia MycoMedi 2002
(1-5), 6-96: col. figs
Forest fungi as potential allies for medecine. Original wrappers; 21,5 cm
€ 18,00  In den Warenkorb
408 STAUB, Horst et al.: Die Pilzflora des Bannwaldes "Reißinsel" und der benachbarten Auenwaldgebiete (Mannheim, Deutschland)
Freiburg: Forstliche Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt Baden-Württemberg 2007
(1-3), 4, (33)-60: 1 col. map, 2 col. plates
(Bestandesentwicklung, Pilze, Moose in einem Auewald am Oberrhein. Waldschutzgebiete BadenWürttemberg Band 14)
Interesting study in a protected riparian forest bordering the Rhine, enumerating 432 species. Inscribed by the first author. Original wrappers. 31 cm
€ 15,00  In den Warenkorb

409 STEPHENSON, Steven L. & H. STEMPEN: Myxomycetes. A handbook of slime moulds. Portland, Oregon: Timber press 1994
(1-4), 5-183: Frontispiz, 16 col. plates, 60 figs
Fine copy; pictorial dust-wrappers; 22,5 cm
€ 35,00  In den Warenkorb

410 STEVENSON, John : Hymenomycetes britannici. British Fungi (Hymenomycetes). With illustrations in two volumes... Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood and sons 1886
p (i-v), vi-vii, (1)-372, (1-4), (1)-24 (publ. advert.): figs 1-39; (i-iii), (1)-336; figs 40-103
Volbracht 2057: Stafleu 13.088; Uellner 1739; Krieger p 219. - The original edition. Illustrations by Worthington G. Smith. Original, nicely decorated green cloth with a gilt fungi-group on cover. 18 cm
€ 50,00  In den Warenkorb

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