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331 SARTORY, Auguste & Louis MAIRE: Synopsis du genre Tricholoma. Saint-Nicolas-de-Port: Imprimérie V. Arsant 1918
p (1-3), 4-158; figs.
Volbracht 1856; Stafleu 10.315. - Scarce, not in Uellner. Bound in full cloth 24 cm
€ 95,00  In den Warenkorb
332 SARTORY, Auguste & Louis MAIRE: Synopsis du genre Collybia. Documents pour l´encyclopédie du genre. Étude critique (descriptive et histologique), classifications, diagnoses et observations. Saint-Nicolas-de-Port: Imprimérie V. Arsant 1918
p (1)-226: figs.
Volbracht 1857; Stafleu 10.316. - Rare, privately printed. Original paper-cover. 24,5 cm
€ 110,00  In den Warenkorb
333 SARTORY, Auguste & Louis MAIRE: Synopsis du genre Chitonia. Strasbourg: Imprimerie Gutenberg 1923
p (1-3), 4-8: 2 plates
Stafleu 10.322. - Very rare. Original cover; 23,5 x 15,5 cm
€ 25,00  In den Warenkorb

334 SARTORY, Auguste Théodore: Compendium hyménomycètum. Volume II. Lepiota. Fascicule I [- XI]. [Nancy, Imprimeurs V. Idoux et Cie] 1925-1927
p (1-3), 4-511: 15 (12 col.) plates
Volbracht 1861; Stafleu 10.327. - Much rarer than the first part on Amanita; Good copy in modern half-cloth. 23 cm
€ 260,00  In den Warenkorb

335 SCHAEFFER, Jacob Christian & Christiaan Hendrick PERSOON: Fungorum qui in Bavaria et Palatinatu circa Ratisbonam nascuntur icones nativis coloribus expressae. Editio nova commentario aucta a C. H. Persoon. Tomus primus [- Tomus quartus]
Erlangae: Apud Ioannem Iacobum Palmium 1800
4 vols in two, 1 vol. with commentary and 330 handcoloured plates

1/2: Frontispiz, title with vignette, test for plates 1-100, (i-ii), preface to edition 1762); title, explanations for plates 101-200, (i-ii), preface to v ol 2 of 1763)
3/4: Frontispiz Vol III/IV, title with vignette, explanations for plates 201-300; title tomus quartus with illustration of Clathrus, explanations for plates 301-330, (i, foretitle for index, (1), 2-136 (1-8)

PERSOON: Commentarius D. Iac. Christ. Schaefferi fungorum Bavariae indigenorum icones pictas differentiis specificis, synonymis et observationibus selectis illustrans
title with vignette, (i-vi), (1)-130, (1-22)
Volbracht 1878; Stafleu 10.476; Uellner 1549; Nissen 1744; Krieger p 207 (vol 1-3); Pfister p 117. - The mayor work of early German mycology in the final edition, edited by C. H. Persoon. The 330 finely handcoloured plates, printed on recto and verso, are loosely inserted in a special box, bound like the text-volumes. A very fine copy with wide, uncut margins and a special provenience: It belonged to the French mycologist R. Maire, later to Micheline Jacques-Felix. The commentary-volume has annotations in pencil.
These handwritten notes go back to Persoon, they were copied by the mycologist Emile Boudier from a book belonging to Persoon's into his own copy, which is now in the library of the Société mycologiqe de France in Paris. From there, the Society's librarian Maurice Roger transferred them to the present volume, according to a note by Roger on fly-leaf.

The set is bound in nice half leather with marbled boards and gilt labels on spine. Folio, 30 x 24,5 cm
€ 7.500,00  In den Warenkorb

336 SCHENK, Erna: Fruchtkörperbildung bei einigen Bolbitius- und Coprinusarten. Diss. ... Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg. Dresden: Druck von C. Heinrich 1919
1-4), 5-64: 4 plates

Inscribed by the author. Original wrappees; 23 cm
€ 40,00  In den Warenkorb
337 SCHMID, H.: Rote Liste gefährdeter Pilze in Bayern. München: Bayerisches Landesamt für Umweltschutz 1990. Folio
p (1-2), 3-138: 12 col. plates, maps and charts
(Schriftenreihe Heft 106)
Folio. Original wrappers.
€ 10,00  In den Warenkorb

338 SCHMIDEL, Casimir Christoph: Icones plantarum et analyses partium aeri incisae atque vivis coloribus insignitae adiectis indicibus nominum necessariis figuram explicationibus et brevibus animadversionibus. Manipulus I - II [- III]. [Erlangae]. Typis Felseckerianis 1782-1783 [- 1797|
p (i), (1-5), 6-94; (i), (95)-197, (198, ind), (1-2, err.): pl 1-50, 51-55

Volbracht 1909; Stafleu 10.854; Fuchs-Eckert in Nissen, Festschrift p 185-276; Nissen 1780; Great Flower Books p 137; Pfister p 118-119. - The main part of this very rare botanical masterwork with magnificient handcoloured illustrations in large format, famous for its beautiful and detailed Geaster-plates. Casimir Christoph Schmidel (1718-1792) was a physician and botanist, Professor of medicine and pharmacology at the University of Bayreuth/Erlangen.The book was published over a period of 50 years, from 1747-1797, by four different editors. Most of the plates have been drawn by Schmidel himself, only a few by Nicolaus Gabler and Johann Christoph Keller.
This copy includes Manipulus I and II published by Bischoff and 5 of the 25 plates from the the final Manipulus III edited by Christian Daniel Schreber after Schmidel's death.

The illustrations present many magnified morphological details, reflecting the progres in microscopy in the 18th century. Most impressive are the five plates with earth stars. According to Dörfelt (Die Erdsterne, 1988), the accuracy of the figures allowed Persoon to use them in his Synopsis methodica fungorum (1801) as a reference for his basic description of Geastrum: "Even today, Schmidels pictures are of great importance for the definition of the typus of some of the names given by Persoon." Other plates show Schmidel's Spathularia rufa, or Geoglossum hirsutum, G. capitatum.

A very good copy with the beautiful plates and some engraved head- and tail-pieces. Title slightly stained, otherwise scant spotting, plates clean and bright inn excellent colouring. Bound in contemporary half-leather. Binding with traces of use, upper and lower spine repaired. Folio, 40 x 26 cm

€ 5.200,00  In den Warenkorb

339 SCHMITT, Oskar Max: Österreichs Pilze mit 48 Abbildungen der wichtigsten Pilze in naturgetreuen Farben. Linz: Verlag R. Pirngruber 1948
p (1-2), 3-78: 8 col. platesKL02
Volbracht 1914; Uellner 1578. - Rare popular guide from Austria. Plates with 48 col. figures, some annotations on the plates. Original paper-cover. Oblong 13,5 x 18,7 cm
€ 20,00  In den Warenkorb
340 SCHNEGG, Hans: Merkblatt für die Giftpilze. Dritte Auflage. Nach Natur=Aufnahmen von J. Hanel zusammengestellt. München: Druck der Süddeutschen Verlagsdruckerei ? 1918
p 1-3, (4): 4 col. plates
Lower margins creased; 22 cm
€ 15,00  In den Warenkorb

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