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251 PERSOON, Christiaan Hendrik: Icones pictæ specierum rariorum fungorum [in Synopsi methodica descriptarum a C. H. Persoon]. Fasciculus primus [- tertius]. [Figures coloriées des espèces rares des champignons décrits dans l'ouvrage intitulé: Synopsis methodica fungorum par C. H. Persoon.] Première [- troisième] livraison. Paris & Strasbourg: chez Amand Kœnig 1803-1805]
p (i), (i)-ii, (1)-64, (1): 24 hand-coloured plates
Volbracht 1585; Stafleu 7731; Kelly p 174 (1-3); Nissen 1512; Junk, Rara p 171; Pfister p 102. - Three of four parts of the rarest work by Persoon, according to the bibliographer Junk, who called it in 1936 "one of the rarest works of botanical literature". We have parts 1 and 3 from the collection of the French mycologist Lucien Quélet in original hand-colouring. Added is part 2 part in uncoloured state. Originally five parts were planned, but only 4 were realised because of differences between Persoon and his editor Armand Kœnig in Strasbourg. Cf. Persoons autographed letter from end of May 1809 (MykoLibri, page 358.), in which the author claims that Kœnig always preferred more attractive fungi than the species described by Persoon. „Es find H. König sie immer schlecht und glaubt, alle Schwämme ... müßen den nehmlichen éclat als schöne Blumen und brillante Schmetterlingen haben...“ (Kœnig never likes them and believes that all fungi ... must have the same éclat as beautiful flowers or brilliant butterflies".
The three parts with the original covers with the indexes of contents. Title of parts 1 and 3 soiled, otherwise very good internal condition, only slight browning or spotting in places. Plates nice and in very fine colouring, the first ones somewhat wavy. Margins uncut and frayed. Part one with the visiting card of Quélet, with a handwritten note on the two parts in his possession on verso. Folio. 30,5 x 23 cm
€ 2.900,00  In den Warenkorb

252 PETERSEN, Ronald H. : The genera Gomphus and Gleocantharellus in North America
1-114: 32 (16 coloured) plates and figures
Lehre: J. Cramer 1971
Scarce. Original wrappers; 24 cm
€ 45,00  In den Warenkorb
253 PETIT ATLAS (ANONYMUS): Petit atlas des champignons. Neuchâtel: Delachaux et Niestlé [1951]
p 1-24: folded chart with 24 col. ill.
Scarce. Nice illustrations; 22 cm
€ 12,00  In den Warenkorb
254 PHILIBERT, J. C.: Exercices de botanique, à l'usage des commençans. [Champignons] Paris: Crapelet 1801
321-362: 16 engraved plates
An incomplete extract of this rare book. First edition. The aim of the assigned tasks is to find the name of a plant or fungus from a description. To educate neophytes, the author suggests using the methods developed by Tournefort, Linné and Jussieu. The extract is from the section champignons with plates No. 119-124. Later private wrappers; 21 cm
€ 130,00  In den Warenkorb

255 PHILLIPS, William: A revision of the genus Vibrissea. From Transact. Linn. Society Botany Vol. II, 1881
(1)-10: 2 handcol. lith. plates
Lindau & Sydow 20.659. - Rare, with fine illustrations. Old wrappers; 18 cm
€ 90,00  In den Warenkorb

256 PHOEBUS, Phillip: Deutschlands kryptogamische Giftgewächse in Abbildungen und Beschreibungen. Berlin: bei August Hirschwald 1838. p (ii-vii), viii-xii, (1)-114: 9 hand-coloured plates; 4o
(Alternative title: J. F. Brandt, P. Phoebus, J. T. C. Ratzeburg, Abbildung und Beschreibung der in Deutschland wild wachsenden und in Gärten und im Freien ausdauernden Giftgewächse nach natürlichen Familien erläutert, Zweite Abteilung. Kryptogamen)
Volbracht 1603; Stafleu 7875; Uellner 169; Nissen 226. - A scare work, devoted exclusively to poisonous fungi, with beautiful plates. Plates with protection papers. Very nice copy, bound in modern half-leather with marbled boards. Gilt title on spine.; 28 cm
€ 350,00  In den Warenkorb
257 POELT, Josef & F. OBERWINKLER: Niedere Basidiomyceten in Südbayern I-II. Ex Ber. Bayer. Bot. Ges. 33, 1960
94-97; 89-95: figs
Uellner 1382. - Disbound; 24 cm
€ 17,00  In den Warenkorb
258 POPTA, Canna M. L.: Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Hemiasci. Diss. ... Universität Bern. Sonder-Abdruck aus Flora 1899 (1). München: Val. Höfling 1899
(1-5), 6-50: 2 (1 col.) plates
Slight wear on lower corner of first leaves. Original wrappers; 23 cm
€ 30,00  In den Warenkorb
259 PRIHODA, Antonin : Kapesni Atlas Hub 1-2. Praha: Statni pedagogicke nakladatelstvi 1987
p (1-4), 5-255: 143 col. plates by Ladislas Urban, Vera Nicova-Urbanova, Ladislav Urban ML; p(1-4), 5-236, (237-239): 91 col. plates
Good illustrations; 17 cm
€ 10,00  In den Warenkorb
260 PUIHN, Johann Georg: Materia venenaria regni vegetabilis. Lipsiae: C. G. Hilscher 1785
(i-vii), viii-xii, (1)-196
Rare work on poisonous plants. Fungi on pp 166-173. The author, a botanist and physician from Kulmbach in Germany, even lists species like Cantharellus cibarius ("Effectus: Dira Tormina, Diarrhoea") or Phallus impudicus ("aphrodisiaca, abortiva") as poisonous.Contemporary full leather, worn; 20 cm
€ 300,00  In den Warenkorb

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