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201 PALMER, Julius Auboineau: About mushrooms. A guide to the study of esculent and poisonous fungi. Boston: Lee & Sheppard 1894
p (i)-xiv, (i-ii), (1)-100: 13 plates
Volbracht 1533; Stafleu 7238; Krieger p 165. - Scarce, with an unusual frontispiece, a drawing about the deadly dangers of mushroom-eating. Good copy, upper spine of original cloth-binding damaged. 24 cm
€ 55,00  In den Warenkorb
202 PASCUAL, Ramon: Els fongs, els bolet's, i l'home. Barcelona: Pollen 1982
(1-10), 11-122 (123: col. fig)
(Title on cover: El llibre dels bolets)
A nicely designed book, covering many aspects of mycology. First edition. Original cloth with pictorial dust-wrappers; 29,45 cm
€ 30,00  In den Warenkorb
203 PEARSON, Arthur Anselm: A key to the genera of the Agarics & Boleti. Published under the auspices of the foray committee of the British Mycological Society ca. 1950
p (1)-32: 1 plate
Original papercover; 20 cm
€ 15,00  In den Warenkorb

204 PECK, Charles Horton: Report of the State Botanist 1901. New York: Bull. New York State Mus. 54, Botany 5, 1902.
p (i), (931)-984: folded col. plates K, L, 77-81
Volbracht 1567; Stafleu 7595 (1901: 1). - Scarce part, describing and depicting new species like Pecks Boletus multipunctus, B. ornatipes, B. eximius, B. bicolor. Original wrappers; 22,5 cm
€ 70,00  In den Warenkorb
205 PEGLER, D. N. & T. LASSØE, B. M. SPOONER: British puffballs, earthstars and stinkhorns. An account of the British gasteroid fungi. Kew Roayl botanic gardens 1995
(i-ix), 1-255: 154 partly coloured figs, 74 charts
A nice book with coloured photos. Original pictorial paperback; 23 cm
€ 30,00  In den Warenkorb
206 PEGLER, David: Field guide to the mushrooms & toadstools of Britain and Europe. Illustrated by Sean Milne & Bernard Robinson- London: Kingfisher books 1990
(1-6), 7-192: col. figs
Very nice drawings; original paperback; 22 cm
€ 12,00  In den Warenkorb
207 PEGLER, N. D. (General Editor) et al: Fungi of Europe: Investigation, recording and conservation. Kew: The Royal Botanic Gardens 1993
p (i-x), 1-322: figs
The proceedings of the XI Congress of European Mycologists, dealing with the problems of threatened species and their conservation in Europe. Good copy, original wrappers; 22 cm
€ 30,00  In den Warenkorb

208 PERSOON, Christiaan Hendrik: Synopsis methodica fungorum. Sistens enumerationem omnium hucusque detectarum specierum, cum brevibus descriptionibus nec non synonymis et observationibus selectis. AND: Index botanicus sistens omnes fungorum species in D. C. H. Persoonii synopsi methodica fungorum enumeratas una cum varietatibus et synonymis, confectus D. G. H. L. (Georg Hermann Lühnemann). Gottingae: Apud Henricum Dieterich 1801-1808. small 8vo
p (i)-xxx, (1)-240, (i-ii, title of pars secunda), (241)-706, (1-2, index generum): 5 plates; p (i), (1-34, index).
Volbracht 1584; Stafleu 7730; Junk, Rara p 141; Krieger p 174 (without index); Pfister p 101, p 84 (Lühnemann). - One of the starting points of mycological taxonomy, in the scarce original printing. The copy includes the rare index by Lünemann. First pages browned in margins, a few spotting here and there. Nice contemporary leather, back gilt, slightly rubbed. 17x 12 cm
€ 900,00  In den Warenkorb

209 PERSOON, Christiaan Hendrik: Icones et descriptiones fungorum minus cognitorum. Fasciculus I [- II], cum tab. VII [- XIV] aeneis pictis. Lipsiae: Bibliopolii Breitkopf-Haerteliani impensis [1798-1800]
p (ivi), (1)-26 , (i-ii), (27-29), 30-60: 14 hand-coloured plates
Of utmost rarity, together with Persoons "Icones pictae" considered as an "unfindable" and one of the rarest botanical (mycological) books. A fine copy with very few spotting. Exlibris of J.-R. Chapuis and L. F. Marti on inner cover and with a blind stamp of Ulrike Schofer on fly-leaf. Bound in old half-cloth with gilt title on spine. A fine copy. Folio 24,5 cm
€ 3.500,00  In den Warenkorb
210 PETERSEN, R.H. (ed.): Evolution in the higher Basidiomycetes. An international symposium. Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press 1971
p (i-v), i-x, (1-2), 562: 15 plates, figs
The proceedings of a very important symposium. Excellent copy in original cloth and dust-wrappers (faded). 23,5 cm
€ 40,00  In den Warenkorb

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