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94 FALCK, Richard: Die Degobasidie und die Degobasidiales. Ein Beitrag zum orbisvitalen System. Reprinted from Proceedings of the Seventh Int. Bot. Congress, Stockholm 1950. 4o
No covers; 28 cm
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95 FALCK, Richard: Nachruf auf Alfred Möller. Sonderabdruck aus Myk. Unters. und Berichte II. Band 1923
Orbituary for the author of the Hausschwammforschungen. No cover; 23 cm
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96 FALCK, Richard: Die Cultur der Oidien und ihre Rückführung in die höhere Fruchtform bei den Basidiomyceten. Inaugural-Dissertation ... Universität Breslau 1902
(i-iv), (307)-346: 6 plates
Volbracht 570 b. - Very rare. Richard Falcks dissertation, published as a part of Cohn: Beiträge zur Biologie der Pflanzen. Vol. 8. With handwritten dedication "Meiner lieben Gehilfin" (Olga Schenkalowski, whom he married in 1912). Disbound, no covers; 23 cm
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97 FALCK, Richard: Prints and documents from the heritage of a great mycologist - Drucke und Dokumente aus dem Nachlass eines großen Mykologen

- Die Bedingungen und die Bedeutung der Zygotenbildung bei Sporodinia grandis (1901). Dedicated copy of Falck's first publication for Prof. Klebs

- Die Cultur der Oidien und ihre Rückführung in die höhere Fruchtform bei den Basidiomyceten. Inaugural-Dissertation ... Universität Breslau 1902.
Handwritten manuscript of Falcks dissertation with the text of the introduction and a volume with the plates with original photographs and instructrions to the printer..
In addition a printed proof of the text and several leaves with corrections.

- A volume “Zur Characteristic der Oidien" with additional annotated original photographs of the oidia of Collybia tuberosa. Some of the illustrations were used in the dissertation.

- A three-page manuscript with the text of Brefeld's recommendation for acceptance of the dissertation, in Falck's handwriting. (Volbracht, MykoLibri No. 570 a had assigned it erroneously to Klebs)

- Die Sporenverbreitung bei den Basidiomyceten und der biologische Wert der Basidie (1904). Correction copy with numerous changes in Falck's hand, with two unpublished original photos of test arrangements.

- Die Lenzites-Fäule des Coniferen-Holzes (1909). A bound manuscript booklet with about 40 plates with photos and drawn illustrations for Falck's work, including the original photo for “Lenziteskranker Tannenbalken”

- A handwritten note by the mycologist Oscar Brefeld to Richard Falck.
- 2 letters from the mycologist Alfred Möller (Editor of "Hausschwammforschungen") to Falck
- A postcard by Falcks mother: "Mein liebster Richard ..."
- 12 leaves with original mushroom watercolors by Falcks employee Johanna Beyer, partly signed J. B. (cf. Steinsiek pp. 24, 82, 232).
Steinsiek, Peter-Michael (2019): Richard Falck, Mykologe Lebensweg und Werk eines jüdischen Gelehrten (1873-1955).. Universitätsverlag Göttingen. Volbracht: Mykolibri.Unique material from the personal library of the German mycologist Richard Falck (1873-1955), specialist in wood-destroying fungi.  The Jewish scientist worked at the forest academy in Hannoversch Münden. Many years before Flemimng he was the first to discover and describe an antibiotic obtained from Sparassis crispa, the fungicide Sparassol, but he did not pursue the discovery any further.In 1933, he fled from the Nazis to Jerusalem, then to Poland and Russia. He finally moved with his extensive mycological library to USA and died in 1955 in Atlanta.
The manuscripts and notes allow a deep insight into Falck's reserach. Of special interest is the handwritten text of the recommendation for the acceptance of the dissertation by the mycologist Oscar Brefeld, his PhD supervisor. It contains numerous corrections to the text, so it seems reasonable to conclude that Falck could have written the text for the recommendation himself. Brefeld became increasingly blind in 1902.
The documents in original wrappers or new folders, partly disbound. Folio.

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98 FALCK, Richard: Nekrologe deutscher Botaniker. Alfred Moeller. Botanisches Archiv. Band 6, 1924
Folded copy with, upper part browned; 31 cm
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99 FALCK, Richard: Zgnilizna typu Ptychogaster drewna drzew iglastych
(1-3), 4-86: 4 (2 co.) plates (Nr 1-3, 3b)
Serum przeciwgrzybowe i metoda walki z grzybem, stosowane przez firme X + Y
(87-88), 89-145: 1 plate (Nr. 4);
Zabezpieczenie drewna przy pomocy srodkow chemicznych i proste zastosowanie tych srodkow w budownictwie miejskim, wiejskim lub w miejscach otwartych
(147-148), 149-181 (182)
Warszawa: Instytut Badawczy Lasów Panstwowych/Institut de recherches des forêts domainiales. Seria A. Nr 36, 37, 38. 1938

Rare. The polish translation by H. Orlos of Heft 12 of the "Hausschwammforschungen", with Falcks study on Ptychogaster-rot. Heft 12 of the "Hausschwammforschungen" in German is scarce too, as most of the edition has been destroyed during 2nd World War. The copy from Falcks Library, privately fixed in old green cloth, 23 cm
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100 FALCK, Richard: Fundamentals of the physiological development of mycelium of Vasomella maeandrata and of other kinds of the Ceratostomellaceae family - Fundamentals of the timber protection accordingly to the physiological character of the growth and the timber employment
Warszawa: Instytut Badawczy Lesnictwa/Institut polonais de recherches forêstières Seria A. Nr 59. 1949
(1-2), 3-58 (59)

Volbracht 571 c; Steinsiek (2019): Richard Falck, p. 311. - Very rare. From the collection of Richard Falck. On his research on timber decaying fungi during his stay in Poland from 1936-1939. Publised after the end of Second World War. In Polish language, translated by H. Orlos with summary in Russian and English.
8vo. 21,3 x 16,5 cm
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101 FALCONER, William: Mushrooms: How to grow them. A practical treatise on mushroom profit and pleasure. Illustrated. New York: Orange Judd Co. 1907
p (1-9). 10-169, (170-166 (publ. advert.): 29 figs
Volbracht 572; Krieger p 75. - Nice original decorated cloth; 19 cm
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102 FARLOWIA: A journal of cryptogamic botany. Harvard University 1946-1950
Vol 2 (1-4), 1943-45
Original wrappers; 23 cm
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103 FAUBION, Nina Lane: Some edible mushrooms and how to know them. Portland, Oregon: Binfords & Mort 1938
p (1-15), 16-127, (128): figs
Scarce first edtion. Many recipes and a chapter on "Mushrooms as survival food". Pictorial hardcover; 21 cm
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