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77 DÄHNCKE, Rose Marie: Pilzkompaß. Die besten Speisepilze und alle gefährlichen Giftpilze sicher bestimmen. [München]: Gräfe und Unzer [1976]
p (1)-79; sm 8vo
Original cover; 18 cm
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78 DARIMONT, Fredi: Recherches mycosociologiques dans les forets de Haute Belgique. Institut Royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique. Mémoire 170. 1973. 2 vols
(i-ii), iii-xiv, 1-220: Portrait, 1 map, 25 figs, 34 col. plates; 30 folded charts in a folder
Scarce and important study. Old stamp on cover. Original paperback, lower corner of first volume bumped. 4o (29,5 cm)
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79 DAVIS, John Jefferson: Parasitic fungi of Wisconsin. Madison, Wisconsin 1942
(i-ii), (1)-157
Volbracht 465 a; Stafleu 29.246. - Nice cloth; 8vo (23,2 x 14,8 cm)
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80 DEFAGO, Geneviève: Les Hysteropezizella von Höhnel et leurs formes voisines (Ascomycètes). In: Sydowia Vol 21 (1-6), 1967
1-76: 28 figs
Describing new species of Hysteropezizella and Merostictis. The volume has more papers by Petrak, Ricek and others, several on Ascomycetes from India. Private cloth; 24 cm
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81 DEMOULIN, Vincent: Gastéromycètes de Belgique: Sclerodermatales, Tulostomatales, Lycoperdales. Bulletin Jardin Botanique Nat. Belgique 38:1, 1968
p (1)-101: 5 figs
Good copy of this scarce work. Original paper-cover; 24 cm
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82 DENNIS, Richard William George & P. D. ORTON & F. B. HORA: New check list of British Agarics and Boleti. Part 1-4. Cambridge: Suppl. Transact. brit. mycol. soc. Vol. 43, 1960
1-2: Orton & Hora: New check list of Bristish agarics and bioleti. p 1-225;
3: Orton, New check list, part 3: Notes on genera and species in the list. 4: F. B. Hora Validations, new species and critical notes. p 159-468: 514 and 7 figs.
Uellner 315 (part 1 ). - The complete series, inscribed by the authors. Nice copy, bound in private cloth with gilt title on spine. 24 cm
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83 DIETEL, P.: Monographie der Gattung Ravenelia Berk. Dresden: C. Heinrich 1906
343-413: 2 double-paged plates (Nr V-VI)
(Beihefte zum Botanischen Centralblatt Band XX,2 (3)
Original wrappers, slightly worn; 22 cm
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84 DIETERICH, Kurt: Aus der Lebensgemeinschaft des Waldes. Mit 150 Raumbild-Aufnahmen und 12 Kunstdrucktafeln. II. unveränderte Auflage. München: Raumbildverlag Otto Schönstein K. G. 1939
(1-4), 5-120: 12 plates, 150 Stereophotos and Stereoscope
Volbracht 486a. - A curious book, including a series of mushroom-pictures in stereoscopie. Stereoscopie was invented 1838 by the English scientist Charles Wheatstone. It presents an object in a three-dimensional view. To obtain this effect, the objects are photographed from two different points of view, the images then put in a stereoscope with two lenses. To my knowledge, these are the first stereoscopic photos of mushrooms, published ten years earlier than Smith' "Mushrooms in their natural habitats" (1949). The photos and the metallic stereoscope with lenses are inserted in the thick wooden covers of the volume. 14 photos show higher fungi, 8 Myxomycetes. The Media-scientist Jens Schröter (University of Siegen) discussed the book in "Der Tintling" (3/2005) as an example for the ideological approach to the myths of the German forest ("Deutscher Wald") during the Nazi-regime in Germany. Original cloth, slightly spotted. 4o (29 x 19,8 cm)
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85 DILLENIUS, Johann Jacob: Catalogus plantarum sponte circa Gissam nascentium. Cum appendice, qua plantae post editum catalogum, circa & extra Gissam observatæ recensentur, specierum novarum vel dubiarum descriptiones traduntur, genera plantarum nova figuris æneis illustrata describuntur: pro supplendis Institutiones rei herbariæ Josephi Pitton Turnefortii
Impensis auctoris; Francofurti ad Moenum: Apud Joh. Maximilianus am Sande 1719
(i-xiv), 1-240, (i-xvi); (i-xii), 1-160: Frontispiz, 12 plates
cf: Volbracht 489; Stafleu 1469-1470; Pritzel 2284; Uellner 323 (second issue); Ainsworth, p 246 ff; Dörfelt/Heklau 75-79. - A rarissimum and a milestone in the history of Mycology, here in a special second printing, prepared for the Francfort bookfair in 1719 and unknwon to bibliographers. Johann Jacob Dillenius (1687 -1747) was born in Darmstadt in Germany and studied at the University of Giessen. In 1721, he moved to England, where he was appointed Professer of Botany at Oxford from 1732 until his death in 1747.
In the Catalogus plantarum, Dillenius enumerates 160 fungi from the region of Giessen in Germany, arranged by month of appearance. He divides them in eight genera (Amanita, Erinaceus with the first illustration of Hydnum, etc). Small old stamp on itle, a few spotting in margin of frointispiz, but a very nice copy, bound in contemporary leather, with richely gilt spine. 18 cm
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86 DUJARRIC de la RIVIÉRE, René & Roger HEIM: Les champignons toxiques. Caractères et détermination, toxines, intoxication, thérapeutique. Aquarelles de A. Bessin. Paris: Encyclopedie médico-chirurgicale éditeur 1938. Folio
p (i-vi), 1-59, (1, index) and errata-slip: 4 coloured plates with text-leaves, 5 figs.
Volbracht 513. - With beautiful plates, an historical review on mushroom-poisoning and an extensive bibliography. Inscribed by Roger Heim and with stamp of Morten Lange. Upper margins of last pages and plates with small traces of old water-stain Original pictorial wrappers (slightly worn); 32 cm
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