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10 BALLETTO, Cesare: Saggio di flora micologica analitica con particulare riguardo per la flora ligustica. Note sulla biologia e sulla sistematica discussione de specie rare o critiche. Prefazione di Henri Romagnesi. Genova: Stampato presso la Scuola d'arte Tipografica Don Bosco 1972
p (1-6), 7-526, (527)
Original cloth; 18 cm
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11 BAMBEKE, Ch. van: Contribution à l'étude des hyphes vasculaires des Agaricinés. Hyphes vasculaires de Lentinus cochleatus Pers. Bruxelles: F. Hayez 1892
p (1-3), 4-20: 1 fold chromolith. plate
(Ex Bull Ac Roy Belgique Ser. 3, Vol 23:5)
Volbracht 50. - Inscribed by the author on cover; 22,3 cm
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12 BANTI, Adolfo: I funghi commestibili e velenosi italiani. Con XXXV tavole a colori e 62 figure. Milano: Antonio Vallardi 1937
(3-7), 8-237, 239: 35 plates, 62 figs
(Biblioteca di coltura Antonio Vallardi N. 152-153)

Original paperback; 18 cm
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13 BARLA, Jean Baptiste: Flore mycologique illustrée. Les champignons des Alpes-Maritimes, avec l'indication de leurs propriétés utiles ou nuisibles. [Nice: A. Gilletta 1888-1892]. Alassio: Libreria Basso 1996. Folio
p (1-6), 7-80, 81-110: 69 col. plates
A reprint, called new edition by the editors, with revision of species by several authors on pp 81-110. Half-cloth; 34 cm
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14 BARY, Heinrich Anton de: Die gegenwärtig herrschende Kartoffelkrankheit, ihre Ursache und ihre Verhütung. Eine pflanzenphysiologische Untersuchung. Leipzig: A. Förstner'sche Buchhandlung (Arthur Felix) 1861
(i-iii), (1)-75: 1 lith. plate
Stafleu 20.333. - With signature of the Botanist Büsgen on cover and title. Original wrappers. 24 cm
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15 BASSEWITZ, Gerdt von: Pips der Pilz. Ein Wald- und Weihnachtsmärchen. Mit Bildern von Hans Baluschek. Erstes bis zehntes Tausend. Berlin: Verlagsanstalt Hermann Klemm 1920. 4o
p (i-ii), (1-3), 4-131, (132, Inh.): 12 (11 col.) plates, figs
(Deutsche Märchenbücherei 6)
Childrens book in the first edition. One page inserted in unobtrusive copy. Original coloured binding, slightly rubbed. Folio 27 cm.
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16 BATSCH, August Johann Georg Carl: Elenchus fungorum. ... Accedunt icones LVII. fungorum nonnulorum agri Jenensis, secundum naturam ab autore depictae; aeri incisae et vivis coloribus fucatae a I. S. Capieux. / Gattungen und Arten der Schwämme. Nebst 57 vom Verfasser nach der Natur gemahlten, und von Herrn Capieux gestochenen und illuminirten Abbildungen einiger Schwämme aus der Gegend von Jena. Halae Magdeburgicae, apud Joannem Jacobum Gebauer 1783-1789. 4o
Atlas with 42 col. plates

Volbracht 87; Stafleu 345; Uellner 62; Krieger S 15; Pfister S 20; Junk, Rara S 149; Nissen 92; Brenna 37. - The complete set of plates of this very rare and important work. Old handwiritten title and an old bookseller's desciption on fly-leaf. Plates in very fine coloring. Paper partly slightly darkened. Some names of fungi added in pencil on back of preceeding leaves or lower margins. Bound in contemporary hardcover, rubbed, back worn, with an old label. 24,5 x 20 cm
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17 BAUER, Carlo Alberto & P. Arcangelo COLOGNA, Elio ANTONELLI: Padre Placido da Cembra. Poeta e micologo. Gardolo: Stampa Esperia Tipografia 1983
p (2-3), 4-63: ill
Padre Placido da Cembra (1828-1903) was a friend of Bresadola. Parts of his religious poems and of his mycological illustrations are presented. Orig. decorated paper-cover; 23 cm
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18 BECKER, Georges: La vie privée des champignons. Préface de Roger Heim. Paris: Maloine 1975
p (1-4), 5-149 (151, imprint): 24 coloured plates, figs
In fact a second edition, 23 years after the first of 1952, published by another editor with coloured photos and illustrations added. Original pictorial paperback; 21,5 cm
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19 BECKER, Georges: Champignons. Paris: Gründ 1985
(1-6), 7-319: 256 col. figs
The French edition of the Folio-atlas by Svrcek and Vancura, with a new text by Becker. Fine copy in original cloth with dust-wrapper; 32 cm
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