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21 BARY, [Heinrich] Anton de: Vergleichende Morphologie und Biologie der Pilze, Mycetozoen und Bacterien. Leipzig: Wilhelm Engelmann 1884
p (i)-xvi, (1)-558
Volbracht 686; Stafleu 335. - Fully revised edition of the first general textbook in the history of mycology, "still much more than a historical record" (Ainsworth). The botanist and plant-pathologist Heinrich Antoin de Bary (1831-1888) is considered as the founder of modern mycology. He was professor at the universities of Freiburg, Halle and Strasbourg. Good copy with stamp of the American mycologist Leigh. H. Pennington (1877-1929). Later full cloth with gilt title on spine; 23,1x 15 cm
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22 BARY, Heinrich Anton de & Michail Stephanowitsch WORONIN: Beiträge zur Morphologie und Physiologie der Pilze. Vierte und fünfte Reihe. Frankfurt: Christian Winter 1881-1882. 4o
p (i-iii), (1)-145, (146): 6 lith. plates;
(1)-35: 4 col. plates
(Reprinted from Abh. Senckenb. naturf. Ges 1881-188)
Volbracht 68;: Stafleu 18.303 (Woronin) & 20.388 (Bary); Krieger p 14. - Scarce fundamental texts on fungi, with the chapter Grundlagen eines natürlichen Systems der Pilze. Paper slightly browned, second part a bit soiled with repair on first leaves. Half cloth and paperboards with original cover; 27 x 22 cm
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23 BASTIEN, Pierre: J´ai dû manger des amanites mortelles. Commentaires botaniques et toxicologiques des principaux champignons toxiques par le docteur Lucien Giacomoni. Paris: Flammarion, la Maison rustique 1985
p (1)-263, (264): 36 col. phot. plates
The curious battle of a doctor who ate Amanita phalloides to prove the effectiveness of his vitamin-treatment. Original paperback; 21 cm
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24 BAUER, Carlo Alberto & Onorio DALPIAZ & Federico CHIERZI: Di funghi non si muore. Piccolo trattato sui funghi velenosi. Trento: stampato Eurographik 1966
p (1-4), 5-85, (86-87): col. ill.
Original pictorial paperback; 17 cm
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25 BAYLE-BARELLE, Guiseppe: Descrizione esatta dei funghi nocivi o sospetti con figure colorate. Milano: Presso Giovanni Silvestri 1808
p (i-vi), (1)-58: 2 folded hand-coloured plates
Volbracht 99; Stafleu 20.456; Pfister p 21; BM (NH) 216; Pritzel 529, Traverso 105: all with 2 plates; Lazzari p. 200. - Rare work on poisonous and suspect species of fungi. Guiseppe Bayle-Barelle (1768-1811) was a botanist and professor of agriculture at the University of Pavia. First issue with two handcoloured plates after Bulliard. 18 further plates depicting the described species were announced in the preface ("La parte tipografica di quest'opera con due delle più interessanti tavole colorate e ora sortita dai torchi ..., le altre 18 che si stanno incidendo sotto la direzione dell'autore verranno pubblicate immantinenti esse pure [... the other 18 are presently engraved under the author's supervision and will be published immediately"]), but apparently never distributed. There seems to be only one copy with 20 plates, in Biblioteca Naz. Brera in Milano (Opusc. div. T 6: ZCC-III-34-7, fide Lazzari, personal letter). A broad-margined copy in original paper-cover as issued by the printer with some wear. SA few browning, small worm-holes, not affecting text or plates. plates slightly darkened. Cover soiled and worn; 29 x 23 cm, plates 29 x 39 cm
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26 BECKER, Georges: La vie privée des champignons. Préface de Roger Heim. Paris: Stock 1952
p (1)-202: text-illustrations and 9 plates.
Volbracht 108; Uellner 74; Plesch Cat. p 137. - With a chapter "Un tour à la cuisine". Unopened copy. Paper browned, original cover. 18 cm
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27 BEELI, M.: Champignons vénéneux et champignons comestibles. Notice adoptée par le Conseil supérieur d’hygiène publique en séance du 16 mai 1927 - Caractères génériques et spécifiques des champignions les plus dangereux et des champignins les olus reputés comestibles. Bruxelles: Imprimerie typgraphique de l’I. C .M.
(1-3), 4-12: 2 (1 coloured) doubpelaged plates
Ministère de l’intérieur et de l’hygiène. Administration de l’hygiène

Original wrappers; 8vo. (24,5 x 16,2 cm)
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28 BEELI, M. & Paul HEINEMANN, R. HEIM, H. ROMAGNESI, M. LE GAL, J. BOIDIN, R. W. G. DENNIS, H. DISSING, M. LANGE, R. SINGER, A. MAAS GESTERANUS: Flore iconographique des champignons du Congo dediée à sa Majesté Léopold III. Fasc 1-17. Bruxelles: Office de publicité & Jardin Botanique 1935-1972. Folio
p (1)-353: 55 col. plates
Volbracht 113. - All published of this scarce flora with many new species from central Africa. In wrappers as issued. 33 cm
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29 BENEDIX, Erich Heinz: Unsere Kremplinge und Röhrenpilze. Berlin-Kleinmachnow. Gartenverlag (1948)
p (1)-48: 4 plates
(Pilztabellen für jedermann 14)
Volbracht 120; Uellner 82. - Good copy; small stamp on title. Original paper-covers, 21 cm
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30 BESSEY, Ernst Athearn: Morphology and taxonomy of fungi. Philadelphia and [Toronto: The Blakiston Company 1950]. Hafner New York 1964
p (i)-xiii, (1)-791: 210 ill.
Volbracht 147; Uellner 101 (3rd printing 1965). - With 96 pages of bibliography. Original cloth, 24 cm
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