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231 NATHORST-WINDAHL, Tore: [Iconographia mycologica]. Uppsala ? 1950-1965
37 original handcoloured plates of fungi.
More unique original material from the hand of Tore Nathorst-Windahl (1886-1972), former director of the Botanical Garden of Göteborg in Southern Sweden and one of the founders of the Göteborg Svampklub. Ten of the plates Nathorst-Windahl copied from the never published Elias-Magnus-Fries-plates in the Museum of the Scientific Academy in Stockholm. The others were partly copied from Fries' Icones selectae Hymenomycetum nondum delineatorum and other works. Some depict fungi found by Nathorst-Windahl, some have no explanation. All plates have short or longer typewritten descriptions.
Very good condition, loosely inserted in modern portfolio. Most sheets 23 x 18 cm.
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232 NECKER, Natalis Joseph von: Traité sur la mycitologie ou discours historique sur les champignons en général, dans lesquel on démontre leur véritable origine & leur génération; d'où dépendent les effets pernicieux & funestes de ceux que l'on mange, avec les moyens de les eviter. Opuscule avec figures. Mannheim: chez Mathias Fontaine 1783
p (i-x), (1)-133, (134-137, expl. pl., err.): 1 folded plate.
Volbracht 1447; Stafleu 6668; Pfister p 91; Ainsworth, Hist myc. p 32, 65. - A rare work, the first to use a special term "Mycitologie" for the science of fungi. Natalis Joseph von Necker (1730-1793) was born in Lille in France and worked later as "kurpfälzischer Botaniker" in Mannheim in Germany. He considered fungi as a distinct natural kingdom, intermediate organisms between plants and animals (cf. Ainsworth p 32, 65). He also observed and depicted mycelial structures - considered by him as a transitional stage in the development of fungi from decaying plant tissue. A good copy, bound in modern boards; with printed label on spine. 22 cm
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233 NEUHOFF, Walther: Pilze Deutschlands. Band I: 100 leicht kenntliche Pilzarten. Hamburg: H. H. Nölke 1946
p (1)-112: 40 col. plates
Volbracht 1460; Uellner 1233. - No more published. Nice popular work by the author of Die Milchlinge. Original decorated boards, spine missing. 21 cm
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234 NEUNER, Andreas: Svampar. 174 olika arter beskrivna. 91 avbildade i färg. Västeras: ICA bokförlag 1977
(1-3), 4-144: col.figs
Pictorial paperback; 17,5 cm
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235 NOORDELOOS, Machiel Evert: Entoloma (Agaricales) in Europe. Synopsis and keys to all species and a monograph of the subgenera Trichopilus, Inocephalus, Alboleptonia, Paraleptonia, and Omphaliopsis. With 128 figures. Berlin-Stuttgart: J. Cramer in der Gebrüder Borntraeger Verlagsbuchhandlung 1987
p (i-iv), v-vi, 1-419: 128 figs
(Beihefte zur Nova Hedwigia 91)
Very good copy; original paperback. 24,5 x 17 cm
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236 NÜESCH, Emil: Die Trichterlinge. Monographie der Agariceen-Gattung Clitocybe mit Bestimmungsschlüssel. St. Gallen: F. Schwald 1926
p (1-3), 4-279
Volbracht 1483; Stafleu 6918; Uellner 1275. - Important monograph. This is the first issue, distributed without plates, as announced in the preface of all copies: ("Leider musste hier der hohen Vervielfältigungskosten wegen von einer Beigabe der naturgetreuen Bilder W. Früh's abgesehen werden") Good copy. Original paper-binding; 21,5 cm
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237 OBERMEYER, Wilhelm: Pilz-Büchlein 1. 2. Unsere wichtigsten essbaren (2: giftigen und ungeniessbaren) Pilze in Wort und Bild. Stuttgart: K. G. Lutz 1898-1899. 12mo
p (1)-160; (1)-208: 50 col. plates by L. Paulus
Volbracht 1488; Stafleu 6990; Weiss 2861; Uellner 1279, 1280 (later ed.). - First edition, with a nice cover with gilt mushroom-figures. 13 cm
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238 OBERMEYER, Wilhelm: Unsere wichtigsten Pilze in Wort und Bild. Stuttgart: K. G. Lutz ? 1908. Folio
p (1)-36: 24 col. plates by Paulus
Volbracht 1489; Stafleu 6991; Krieger p 162. - This large-format-edition of Obermeyers work was intended for use in schools. The illustrations were repainted by a German forester. Half-cloth; 31,5 cm.
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239 OPATOWSKI, Wilhelm: Commentatio historico-naturalis de familia fungorum boletoideorum. Diss. Universitate literaria Friderica Guilelma. Cum tabula lapidi incisa. Berolini: typis Schadeanis 1836
p (i-iv), (1)-34, (1-2, curr. vit.): 1 handcoloured lith. plate
Stafleu 7089. - Extremely rare, with the original description of Boletus pulverolentus and the lithographic plate hand-coloured. Fine condition. Bound in paper-wrappers; 19 x 12,5 cm
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240 OSSWALD, A. & H. BLÜCHER: Eßbare und giftige Pilze Mittel=Europas. Berlin=Ch. & Leipzig: Josef Singer 1909. small 8vo
p (i-ii), (i)-vi, (1)-158: 64 col. plates by Th. Bach.
(Singers volkstümliche Bücherei 1)
Stafleu 21.597. - Nice copy in original decorated cloth; 16 cm
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