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A choice of the nicest, rarest and most important mycological works

The Library

This collection startet more than 25 years ago and the library has grown up to about 4000 volumes. In the center are the Great Mushroom Books - milestones of Mycology and the great illustrated iconographies. But there are many other, often very rare works, especially from the time before Linnaeus' Species plantarum (1753) up to Fries (1821). I have a special taste for mushroom-cookery and a rich selection of mycogastronomical works, especially on truffels. But I collect popular works too, including small mushroom-guides.

Some books deal mainly with other plants than fungi, but are of great mycological importance, for example the works by Clusius, Micheli, Hedwig, Scopoli, Schmidel or the early Herbals. As an important example for the latter Bocks Kreuterbuch in the first illustrated edition of 1546 is present. One of the earliest mushroom-plates from the Ortus sanitatis (1491) has become the label of Mykolibri. From 1481 dates the oldest work in the collection, the first italian edition of Plinius, an incunable representing the knowledge of the antiquity on fungi. The oldest object is a mushroom stone from Central America, created in the classic period of the Maya, 1500 years ago, about 300 - 600 A. D.

Many works are from famous collections, as Schliemann, De Belder, Marcus Crahan or The New York Horticultural Society or are inscribed by important mycologists as Boudier, Quélet, Fries, Gillet, Bresadola, Rea, Petch, Ramsbottom and many others.

Rarissima and Desiderata

There are notable Rarissmia or "unfindable" works in the library: a complete collection of the books by Persoon, the complete Bulliard with the second text-volume and the additions by Letellier and Lucand and many others, for example M. C Cookes extremely rare "The seven sisters of sleep" (1860) with a chapter on the hallucinogenic Amanita muscaria.
We consider as Rarissimum all books which have never occured on the market during the last 25 years or only in one or two copies. Very rare ar books offered not more than twice in 5 years.

A collection evolves and will never be "complete". Many modern works remain excluded.
On top of the list of desiderata are Britzelmayrs works, of which I found a small part only.
I am always interested in offers of old and used mycological books to be added to the library.

Contact and expertising

Any question concerning old mycological literature will be answered with pleasure. I offer expertising on old books and whole collections too.
Visitors are welcome by special appointment.


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