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92 FEDOROV, F. V. : Gribi. Moskwa 1983
p (1-2), 3-253, (254-256): 147 col plates, figs
In Russian. Very good coloured fungi-plates. 21,5 cm
€ 41,00  In den Warenkorb
93 FENAROLI, Luigi: Pilze. Abbildungen von Uberto Tosco. Milano: Aldo Martello Editore 1965. Sm 8vo
(1-4) 5-266, (267, imprint): 108 col. plates, figs.
(Wunder der Natur)
Small library stamp and sticker on flyliaf. Original pictorial paperback: 15,5 cm
€ 10,00  In den Warenkorb

94 FERRIER, Pierre & Marc FERRIER: Les champignons que chacun doit connaître. Troisième éd. Paris: François 1942
p (1)-96: 45 ill. by F. Margaine
Volbracht 594. - Very nice drawings. Original paper-cover, 21,5 cm
€ 9,00  In den Warenkorb
95 FIERA, Baptista & SEVERINO, Marco Aurelio: Coena notis illustrata a C. Avantio Rhodigiono. Cui novissima hac ediutione accesserunt Marci Aurelii Severini epistolae duae: altera de lapide fungifero: altera de lapide fungimappa. Patavii: Typis Sebastiani Sardi 1649
p (i-xiv), (1)-208, (1-11, ind.): 7 plates in text
Volbracht 39, 1965; Traverso 1105; BM (NH) p 571; British Libr. 462. C. 14. - An extremely rare gastronomical book with important early information about truffles and the "mushroom-stone" Polyporus tuberaster. The first work is a later edition of an Italian Renaissance book on food by Marc Battista Fiera (1450-1540), a medical doctor from Mantua. It was first published about 1490, dealing with all types of food, giving dietary advice and food safety information. This edition is an extensive comment on the work by Carolo Avantio from Rodigo. Truffles are treated on pages 150-153, other fungi and especially the mushroom-stone "Fungus lyncurius" on pages 45-50 and at one plate. The pseudosclerotium of Polyporus tuberaster was for long a mystery. In medieval times it was considered to be a "lynx stone", created from the coagulation of lynx urine. Later it was called Lapis lyncurius, Fungus lyncurius or Pietra fungaja.

Added to the Coena are two "letters" by Marco Aurelio Severino (1580-1656), a famous anatomist and surgeon from Naples. In his first letter "De lapide fungifero" (p. 167-200) he discusses mushroom-stones and truffles, in the second he describes marine "fungi" from the Adria calling them "lapide fungimappa" (p. 202-208). Severino presents a complete survey on the knowledge on truffles at the middle of the 17th century. The letters are dated 1642 and 1644.

The work is dedicated to the patrician Johann Georg Volckamer the Elder, the famous physician and natural scientist from Nuremberg, wealthy owner of a silk-factory in Rivereto. In 1685, Volckamer published a recite on Severinos letter on Lapide fungifero in the scientific journal Miscellaneae curiosa (Volbracht 2204). He added the reproduction of a drawing of the mushroom-stone which he had got as a gift from Severino in 1641.
In 1728, the German naturalist Franz Ernst Brückmann, himself interested in petrology and geology as well as in fungi and truffles, considered this work with Severinos letters as rarissimum and republished it (Volbracht 1965).
Book in good condition, title slightly soiled, a few browning in margins in the second half of the book. Bound in simple modern boards with label on spine.
€ 3.200,00  In den Warenkorb
96 FISCHER, V. F. S.: Anleitung zur Trüffeljagd oder Trüffelsuche. Ein Beytrag zur Forst= und Jagd=Wissenschaft. Mit einem Kupfer. Karlsruhe 1814
(i), (1-5), 6-48 (49): 1 plate
Limited facsimile reprint of the extremely rare first German book on truffles and truffle-hunting. It is published by MykoLibri on the occasion of an exhibition of old truffle-books from the Christian-Volbracht-Collection at the Museum Schloss Sinzig in Germany from September 3rd to October 26th 2015 One of 100 numbered copies. Hardcover; 17,5 cm

€ 24,00  In den Warenkorb
97 FOIERA, Fabio & E. LAZZARINI, M. SNABL, O. TANI: Funghi boleti. Bologna: EdAgricole 1993
(i-v), vi-xi, (1-2), 3-260: 90 col. plates
Original pict. paperback; 24 cm
€ 40,00  In den Warenkorb

98 FRANCIOSI, Attilio: Voci di funghi nel bosco. Tavole di Paolo Moschi. Modena: Articoli 1979
p (1-16), 17-140 (141-142): col. plates
A nicely illustrated children's book on fungi. Pictorial hardcover; 28 cm
€ 15,00  In den Warenkorb
99 FRIES, Elias Magnus: Monographia Clitocybarum Sueciae, quam ... proponit Gustavus L. Bodman. p. I. [II: Axelius Peterson, III: Conrad Höök.] Upsaliæ: C. A. Leffler, reg. acad. typogr. 1854
p (i-ii), 1-16; (i-ii), 17-32; (i-ii), 33-48
Volbracht 656; Uellner 498; Stafleu 1886 (coll. ed. only). - Rare original monograph, complete with tree parts. Old stamp on title of part 1. No covers, as issued; 22 cm
€ 140,00  In den Warenkorb

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