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281 TRAVERSO, Mido: Il genere Amanita in Italia. Parte generale a cura di Mirca Zotti. Roma: Assoziazione micologica ed ecologica Romana 1988
(1-4), 5-182: 168 col. photos, 10 coloured plates by Ernesto Rebaudengo

The first edition was published in 1983 with the title I nostri funghi. Le amanite. Pictorial paperback; 24 cm
€ 25,00  In den Warenkorb
282 TRESCOL, Fernand: Cortinaires. Diagnoses - clés. 1-5 Cortinaires visqueux [- non visqueux, Complément] [Alès]: Édition mycologique alesienne 1992-1993
(i-xv), 1-147, (1-57); (i-vi), 148-371
(i-v), 1-218; (i), 219-508; (1-2), 3-232
Scarce complete series, including the complément-volume, published after Trescol's death in 1993 by his friends. With a dedication leaf to Mrs Van der Steen whose husband Jacques initiated the publication of the compléments, Original paperback; 20,5 cm
€ 210,00  In den Warenkorb
283 TROG, Jakob Gabriel: Verzeichnis Schweizerischer Schwämme. Bern: Haller'sche Buchdruckerei 1844
p (i), (1)-76
(Reprinted from Mitt. naturforsch. Gesell. Bern)
Volbracht 2128; Stafleu 15193 (with suppl. in journal); Uellner 1789; - Rare first work on fungi by the Swiss pharmacist and mycologist. Later, three supplements appeard in the same journal. Wrappers; 20,5 x 13 cm
€ 180,00  In den Warenkorb
284 UELLNER, Winfried: Catalogus bibliographicus librorum botanicorum praesertim mycologicorum quos collegit Joachim Schliemann. 2. Aufl. Hamburg and Amsterdam: Asher 1974. 8vo
p (i-iii), (1)-161, (1-2): illustrations
Volbracht B 95. - The catalogue of one of the finest mycological collections in the first edition. 1331 mostly mycological books and prints are described. Original paperback; 21 cm
€ 30,00  In den Warenkorb
285 ULBRICH, Eberhard: Der kleine Pilzführer. Berlin: Haupt-Pilzstelle am Botanischen Museum 1948
p (1)-39, (40): 16 col. plates from Atelier Wruck
Volbracht 2143. - Second edition with a new decorated cover. Paper-bound. 14,5 cm
€ 15,00  In den Warenkorb
286 ULRICH, Roger: Les constituants de la membrane chez les champignons. Paris: Laboratoire de cryptogamie du Mus. Hist. Nat. 1943
p (1)-44: figs
(Revue de mycologie, Mém. hors-serie 3)
Volbracht 2147; Uellner 1804. - Paper-cover; 23 cm
€ 9,00  In den Warenkorb

287 UMLAUF-LAMATSCH, Annelies: Hannerl in der Pilzstadt. Bilder von Hans Lang. Wien: Verlag für Jugend und Volk 1941
p (1-6), 7-76 (1-4, corrections, publ. advert.): col. frontispiz, 6 col. plates and col. illustrations
Volbracht 2151. - First edition of this nice children's book from Austria with many well-drawn coloured illustrations. The book was published after the annection of Austria by the Nazi-Regime with a foreword by Bernhard Hörmann, "Reichsamtleiter im Hauptamt für Volksgesundheit". He recommends mushroom-picking in the forests of the "Großdeutsches Reich" for economic reasons. A postscript asks the children to help picking mushrooms "to secure German life". Introduction and and postscript were changed in the second edition, published after the war in 1946. Good copy in original pictorial hardcover. 24 cm
€ 140,00  In den Warenkorb
288 URSING, Björn: Svenska växter i text och bild. Under medverkan av Olof Andersson, Harald Kylin, J. A. Nannfeldt, Herman Persson, Rolf Santesson. Kryptogamer. 6-20 tusened. Stockholm: Nordisk Rotogravyr 1949
p (1-6), 7-529: 101 col. plates, figs
Volbracht 2162; Uellner 1808 (ed. 1962). - Pages 207-435 and 46 coloured plates on fungi. Good copy in original cloth; 21 cm.
€ 22,00  In den Warenkorb

289 VIVIANI, Domenico: I funghi d´Italia e principalmente le loro specie mangereccie, velenose, o sospette. Descritte ed illustrate con tavole disignate, e colorite dal vero. Genova: Tipografia e lithografia Ponthenier 1834 [- 1837]. 2 vols, text and atlas. p (i)-xv, (1)-64: 60 lithographed, hand-coloured plates; Folio
Volbracht 2199; Uellner 1828; Kelly p 233; Nissen BBI 2074; Stafleu 16.269; Pritzel 9819; Lazzari p 186 ff. - Extremely rare, one of the most remarkable and most beautiful Italian mycological books of the 19th century. Viviani (1772-1840) was a professor for botany at Genova. Because of serious health problems, his career at the University ended in 1833. A year later he began his major work, the Funghi d'Italia. The beautiful large plates were painted directly from nature and not copied from other works. Viviani delineated the outlines of the fungi with Wollastons optical instrument "Camera lucida". The figures then were coloured finely by hand. The illustrations are remarkable vivid and expressive. But the work remained unfinished, and the text ends in the middle of a phrase on page 64. According to Lazzari, Viviani hat prepared 105 plates with descriptions, but due to a disagreement with the editor the publication stopped with plate 60. A very fine copy, only back of plate 60 darkened. From the collection of the Swedish mycologist Lars Romell, with his stamp on fly-leaf. Bound in nice old half-leather with gilt title. Back rubbed, corners bumped. Large folio. 38 x 29 cm
€ 7.500,00  In den Warenkorb
290 VOLBRACHT, Christian: MykoLibri. Die Bibliothek der Pilzbücher. Hamburg: Authors edition 2006
(i-xii), (13)-528: 450 col. figs and plates
Bibliographical catalogue of the Christian-Volbracht-Collection. 3000 iconographies, books and papers from six centuries (1481-1959). Catalogue of 2300 entries with bibliographical references and many short commentaries about rarity and special interest. Bibliography with more than 100 entries, index of illustrations. The introduction and a glossary are added in English or French. Normal edition of 675 copies, numbered 76-750 and signed with Coprinus-ink after the recipe by Pierre Bulliard (1792). Printed on natural Munken Pure paper. 90 of the coloured illustrations are full-page mushroom-plates. Bound in cloth with gilt title and vignette and pictorial dust-wrappers. 4o; 29,5 x 21 cm
€ 140,00  In den Warenkorb

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